The Word of the Day at the T’ai Chi F.I.T. seminar this weekend.
Second day in a row - Exercising the Soul is #1 on Amazon T’ai Chi books best-seller list; #4 on Meditation Kindle books best-seller list; #19 Personal Growth Kindle books best-seller list. Yayy! (Please go and write reviews.)
If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.

Ram Dass

I tend to post this every year around this time, because I think this is exactly the time of year that most of us need to hear it. Home tends to humble and frustrate us like no other place on earth, reminding us that no matter how much we accomplish in this life, no matter how intelligent/mature/independent/enlightened/empowered we strive and struggle to become, we are still also and always some one else’s son or daughter, sister or brother.

Home is where we were made, many moons ago, for better or for worse—and those old patterns are often like an old pair of shoes we quickly (and mostly unconsciously) slip right back into simply because we know their size and shape on the deepest of levels and remember all too easily how it feels to walk around in them, even if they no longer really fit the person we’ve grown to become since putting them aside.

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These ain’t your Grand Dad’s T’ai Chi jams.

These ain’t your Grand Dad’s T’ai Chi jams.

Bringin’ some magic to the Magic Kingdom.

The Trouble with Harmony

The problem with harmony is that no one seems to know what it is.

Oh, everyone thinks they know what harmony is - everyone has an opinion/assumption/certainty about it - but hardly anyone is checking with the person next to them to see if they are using the words in the same way. So all go their merry way, all blissfully unaware that fuzzy certainty may be the same thing as complete ignorance.

Harmony and balance (Harmony’s synonym/sidekick) are words like war veterans - beaten up, underfed, asked to do too much and yet still soldiering forth whenever called to stand duty in a conversation about higher being. Harmony and balance were drafted in the 60’s by Beat poets and California philosophers who discovered Zen Buddhism the way Chris Columbus discovered the Indies. The words were called back for another tour of duty in the 70’s by the vanguard of the New Age (the one that abruptly ended in 1980). And if that weren’t enough, Harmony and Balance were re-activated again in the 90’s with a new uniform, labeled “work/life balance,” when social mathematicians were trying to work out a formula for how much work was too much and how much family/play/rest was too little.

Now Harmony and Balance are tired - and people are tired of hearing them (as buzzwords). But I want to give these words a new career. I want to take them out of the veterans’ retirement home of worn-out words, give them a makeover and set them out front and center in our lexicon with fresh haircuts and a facial. Because way back in the day - before the war of words turned Harmony and Balance into casualties, two meaningless soundbites - these words actually stood for something. These were the words that described an experience of being that saints, sages, angels and newborns had in common, but that was attainable by all of us (if someone would only teach us the way).

The problem with Harmony is that no one seems to know what it is.
Thanks - now that I have your attention, read my blog.

Harmony and Balance are inherent and essential in all things Good. Just try to imagine love, health or fulfillment (that lasts) while being out of balance. Balance is also the single element that, when lost, leads to the dissolution of that Good Thing. I think the main reason why all Good Things get lost is because we do not understand the importance of Harmony - what it is, how to get it and how to keep it when it’s challenged.

That is the reason I teach T’ai Chi - because I want the world to be able to hold onto its Good Things.

from me. My thoughts on the nature of Good Things.

Day Four. It’s a wrap! What can I say about an experience of a lifetime? This was the most professional - and at the same time supportive and Spiritual crew I’ve ever worked with! Makes me want to only work with public television from now on!

We shot the pledge special yesterday - with some amazing help from the teachers and students at Asian Arts in Albany, New York. Lorraine, Marta and John - thank you so much! You Rock!

Today we shot the new dvd: Intro to T’ai Chi: the 9 Beginner Flows. This is the first time I’ve shot in an indoor set (well, except for that one time in 1988). But the set is really awesome, with hanging banners and amazing lighting. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Tomorrow, I’m going to go visit Asian Arts - thinking about taking some video!